Semalt: Is PromptCloud Better Than Other Web Scraping Services?

Data science is changing the world with its abilities to identify latest trends and predict the future. Various web scraping services have been launched in recent months, but PromptCloud is one of the most prominent and powerful.

With PromptCloud, you can easily handle multiple web scraping tasks and obtain data in real-time. This tool makes it easy for you to index your web pages. It's safe to mention that the low-quality web scraping services extract data at a high frequency. In contrast, PromptCloud allows you to scrape data from both dynamic and simple web pages without compromising on quality. Plus, this tool fixes all the grammatical and spelling errors in your content, providing you with readable and scalable results. Once the data is fully scraped, you will be able to download it from its interactive API in JSON, CSV or XML format. Alternatively, you can upload the scraped content to your FTP or Amazon S3 account. PromptCloud also allows you to store the useful content in Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Other web scraping services:

1. is an interactive and unique web scraping service. It is best known for its user-friendly interface that allows you to scrape data from a large number of web pages comfortably. The scraped information can be exported to CSVA with just a few clicks, and you don't need to write any line of code to use this service. Instead, has 1000s of APIs to ease your work and uses machine learning technology to fetch lots of data every day. The free app of is available for the Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows users.


Just like, is a good alternative too PromptCloud. It supports more than 200 languages and saves the output data in RSS, JSON, CSV and XML formats. It is actually a browser-based application that uses an amazing web crawling technology to index a large number of web pages. Plus, it has an API to ease your work and can handle up to 1000 web scraping requests per month.

3., also known as CloudScrape, is one of the best and most famous web scraping services on the internet. It allows you to scrape data from multiple web pages at a time and comes with a browser-based editor to fix all the spelling errors in the outputs. One of the most distinctive features of CloudScrape is that it offers anonymous data extraction options and has a large number of proxy servers to hide our identity. Its free version comes with a limited number of options, but its paid version will allow you to scrape from hundreds to thousands of web pages in an hour and its cost is $29 per month.

Is PromptCloud better than others?

No doubt, PromptCloud is the pioneer in data scraping and web crawling. It is suitable for both professionals and non-professionals and doesn't require any technical knowledge or line of code. The raw data is automatically organized and structured according to your requirements, and PromptCloud can handle from basic to advanced web scraping tasks.